W. Bland Williamson, Jr. named 2011 Tulsa, Oklahoma Oil & Gas Best Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers®

W. Bland Williamson, Jr. has watched the oil and gas industry and accompanying regulations change remarkably since he first became affiliated with Pray Walker and its predecessors in 1969.

Williamson first worked for the government for six years before coming to Tulsa.

"When the government started imposing price controls on crude oil, I started to learn about the industry and have been involved with oil and gas ever since," Williamson recalls.

Since then, he has developed a lifelong career with extensive experience in the drafting and negotiation of natural gas contracts, as well as the litigation respecting the interpretation and enforcement of natural gas contracts.

Williamson earned his JD from Emory University in 1963 and has been selected for inclusion by The Best Lawyers in America since its inception in 1983. "I love the people who are involved in the oil and gas industry, and have made many friends along the way," he says.

Williamson says he hopes the Congress will address the country's dependence on foreign oil in an aggressive manner.

"I hope that we will adopt a more aggressive attitude toward the use of natural gas, since that's the one commodity we appear to have in abundance right now as opposed to the other potential energy sources," he says. "We must try to develop everything we have including oil, gas, nuclear, solar, and wind power. Natural gas is the only asset that can make a meaningful difference right now. Congress has done nothing but discourage the use of natural gas rather than encourage it."

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